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A warranty is an assurance by the manufacturer on the quality that defines the period of time within which they would either repair or replace the products, if they have any sign of defects due to materials or workmanship.

The duration of the limited warranty of the tyres is specifically mentioned by each manufacturer, which could range from few months to several years from the date of purchase.


The warranties usually range from 30,000 kilometers to 100,000 kilometers but not all the customers are entitled to receive the warranted tyre mileage. Reason being that consumers have to make sure to comply with the specific maintenance requirements of the tyres and vehicle, as any damage to the tyres due to external factors are not covered under the warranty policy.

Consumers are required to show the proof of purchase and vehicle mileage since the date of original installation. In addition, they are required to prove that the inflation pressure, rotation, and alignment of the tyres were taken care of properly.

  • Mileage warranty does not apply on tyres fitted as original equipment on new vehicles
  • It only applies to the original owner of the vehicle upon which the tyres were installed
  • The warranty is subject to time limits that are set by the tyre manufacturer, as they expire after certain number of years from the date of purchase


Arra Tires is now offering Mileage Warranty for 3 brands of tyres – ZEETEX, Roadstone, and Nitto – with an underlying goal to make you feel confident on the road and get the most from your tyres.

Suppose you get a set of tyres from ZDegree at a total cost of AED 800/= with the mileage warranty of 40,000 km, and for some reason they get worn at around 20,000 km. All you have to do is to visit us and get 50% credit towards the next set of tyres that you purchase at ZDegree.

However, you should keep visiting us after every 8,000 km so we can do the tyre balancing and rotation of your tyres for free.

Mileage in KM
40,000 HP1000, HP2000 VFM, HP202, SU1000, SU1000 VFM
50,000 ZT1000, ZT2000, CT1000, CT2000 VFM, HT1000, HT1000 VFM

Mileage in KM
40,000 SU1, RU1, RU5, Roadian HP
50,000 N5000/N5000 Plus (16” & lower)
60,000 N5000/N5000 Plus (17” & up), RO CT8, RO HTX

Mileage in KM
40,000 NT420S, NT830 (17” & below)
50,000 NT860
60,000 NT850+
70,000 NT650, Dura Grappler
No Warranty Invo, NT555, NT555R, NT05, NT01, NT830 (18 & up)


Please be mindful of the fact that this Mileage Warranty does not cover:

  • Road Hazard related damages
  • Impacts on the side of the tyres
  • Damage due to not maintaining your vehicle properly
  • Accident, fire, chemical corrosion, tyre alteration or vandalism
  • Flat spotting due to improper storage or brakelock
  • Cosmetic ozone or weather cracking
  • Usage of tyres in commercial applications, off-road purposes, and usage under other vehicles


Materials Warranty is also known as Workmanship Warranty, which covers the conditions where a tyre can no longer be used and should be replaced. This is usually under manufacturer’s control due to the raw materials used or the quality of their workmanship.

As for the rest of the warranty period of the tyre, the replacement cost is prorated against the percentage of service not received by the customer.